Research tips: Look at all the company job ads

by Victoria Pollock

You are probably aware of how much an advantage you can gain by researching companies prior to an interview. There is a wealth of information on corporate websites these days, such as financial results, recent news and investor presentations.  Researching companies has never been easier.

When researching a company, it’s also a great idea to check out any other jobs they are advertising. Job ads can say a lot about what is going on in a company or organisation. Even the job ads that aren’t particularly relevant to what you are seeking can be interesting for what they reveal about current projects and priorities, transformation and growth.

We were recently researching a privately-owned company for a client that had very little on its website regarding strategy or financial information. However, there was a job ad on the careers page for “Accountants with transformation experience”. In the advertisement, they referred to several projects around business transformation. This is interesting and useful for someone researching the company – even if such roles aren’t ones you would pursue. You can use this kind of information in preparing insightful questions for the interview.

In another case, we found a job advertisement for an enterprise architect that effectively revealed a lot of data about the company’s information technology systems – invaluable for a CIO deciding whether to apply for an executive role.

Next time you are preparing for an interview, don’t forget to check out the other job advertisements for that company to see what sort of insights they may provide. This could give you the edge over other candidates.