Directioneering works with companies to improve the quality of their leadership by defining, assessing and coaching the leadership behaviours required for success in the organisation, on both an individual and executive team level.

Executive coaching

Executive coaching is a collaborative individualised program in which the Directioneering coach works with a key executive to maximise their effectiveness. Our programs are tailored for client needs, and are positioned as development programs for people who are high performers at senior levels. Our coaching clients are business leaders at various stages of their careers, usually at general manager level or above.

Our approach is characterised by two factors, and within each of these there are aspects that distinguish our coaching offer from that of other providers:

Directioneering’s focus is on creating career success. The Directioneering executive coaching methodology uniquely tailors coaching for the individual’s career stage, career needs and aspirations, and aligns individual development goals with the goals and needs of the business.

Directioneering has a reputation for quality and that means consistency of delivery. We have a unique approach to delivery assurance, incorporating the selection of our people and regular quality checks with process audits.  An essential element of our delivery is the calibre, experience and depth of our coaches, each of whom has earned a substantial reputation in the executive coaching profession.