“I found my consultant’s personal input and the Directioneering process extremely valuable. At a high level, the sessions enabled me to focus on my career priorities and create a clear strategy.”

Research undertaken by Directioneering revealed that 99 percent of senior Human Resources executives surveyed said that having comprehensive career plans and executive career counselling available creates a better chance of retaining employees. Executive career coaching aligns people with organisational goals.

Companies which assist their employees to build exciting careers via executive coaching and career counselling achieve a competitive edge in a tight labour market as they are more likely to attract and retain the best people.
We provide a comprehensive approach to individual career coaching, allowing for the exploration of competencies, achievements and work preferences and to identify career options which best fit individual career aspirations. A bespoke service is also available for high potential employees as part of a talent development program.

For an individual good career planning:

  • Aligns work and life goals
  • Builds adaptability and pro-activity
  • Builds relationship capital internally

For the organisation, career planning:

  • Reduces dysfunctional turnover
  • Provides a more objective, holistic, rigorous process that matches people with business needs
Directioneering fosters talent