Executive Career Advice and Transition services are needed when an executive or professional leaves an organisation and requires assistance to:

  • Seek executive redundancy advice
  • Build a relationship with an executive career advice expert in Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Perth, Brisbane or Auckland
  • Re-define their career goals and strategy
  • Gain new employment or plan self employment or  Portfolio Career optionsCareer Transition management
Directioneering recognises the stresses that departures place on both the individual and the organisation and offers a highly personalised, tailored approach that supports both parties. We help the employer plan and manage the departure, providing notification support and training for both the HR function and line management. We are on site at the time of termination discussions to provide executive redundancy advice and advise on the most effective and appropriate change management strategies. One-to-one coaching is given to the departing employee to develop an understanding of their particular circumstances and unique needs.
By building a trusting, collaborative relationship with the impacted employee, we help them adjust more quickly to the change and start constructively planning and taking their next career steps. By addressing senior executives individual needs, we provide specialist executive career advice in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane, Perth and Auckland. A dedicated consultant is there to provide in-depth assessment of the executive’s career to date, analysis of the most appropriate options for which to plan, advice in identifying relevant career goals and strategies, and active support in implementing these strategies. All Directioneering coaches have a minimum of 15 years commercial experience in senior business and consulting roles. Specific executive career advice input is provided for those considering self employment, portfolio careers and board positions. Strategic financial advice from experts and comprehensive health assessment are also provided in addition to other ancillary services.

“Directioneering provided a thoroughly professional and supportive program for me upon my exit from the organisation after 11 years of service. They took me through a structured and well researched process to enable me to make sound and well considered decisions about my next steps. The result is I am now enjoying a challenging new role with great prospects.”