Helping managers and employees develop their careers

by admin

A major Australian resources business wanted to equip their line managers and mentors with the knowledge and skills to support their employees in planning and developing their careers, with a focus on encouraging self-management and fostering the resilience of their people.

They needed a large-scale solution that could be delivered both around Australia and in South-East Asia, to demonstrate that they were committed to their employees and investing in their careers.

The organisation partnered with Directioneering to leverage our expertise in career management.

We provided a series of career development workshops to their employees around Australia and overseas to equip them with the tools and skills that they needed to self-manage their careers.

We provided two modules to support both their managers and their employees.

For managers, our module focused on build their skills so that they could have career conversations with their employees and support their use of career development tools.

Our employee module explained various career exploration tools to build self-awareness and prepare them for career conversations with their managers and mentors.

Comments from participants included:

  • “Enjoyed the session, helped me explore different ways of approaching career planning.”
  • “Every single person I have come across had wonderful things to say”