Retaining your best people

by Directioneering

When top performers outgrow their role, can you retain them, and provide them with a fulfilling career?

An exceptionally talented Executive Assistant had been with the business for over a decade, and was so expert in her role that she was now the EA to two General Managers.

However, despite how well she was performing, she had lost the passion for her role and had become bored in her current career path.

The business was very keen to keep a high performing employee with significant corporate knowledge, so they engaged Directioneering to provide her with individual career coaching.

She developed a strong relationship with an experienced career coach, and together they began exploring her values, interests and motivations in conjunction with an assessment of her key skills.

While discussing the aspects of her role that she enjoyed most with her career coach, she told of how she had been helping organise events for the teams she was working with, and how she found this very fulfilling.

After working together on her personal brand and positioning, we developed a strategy for her to look at more fulfilling roles within her organisation which would be a good fit for her skills. Following the career coaching program she was able to move into an event management role with one of her manager’s peers, and the business was able to manage a transition to her new role with a substantial handover period for her replacement, retaining access to the wealth of knowledge she had built up.

Every career is unique, which is why every Directioneering program starts with a deep exploration of circumstances and aspirations with an experienced career coach, to develop a tailored solution that fits the individual.