Celebrating a new Career Management book


by Jack Fitzpatrick

The highly specialised and experienced consultants at Directioneering play a huge role in our multi faceted, premium offering. William Cowan has worked for Directioneering for the last 16 years, and is one of our celebrated consultants. Bill has taken the plunge, documenting his usually in-person learnings for all to read in his first career management book, ‘Building A Winning Career’. 

The book covers the period from when you leave a job, or decide you need a new job, until you are re-established in a new role. While the book is written for senior executives, it’s clear the lessons are relevant at any stage in the career lifecycle.

When we spoke with Bill about the upcoming launch of his new book, ‘Building a Winning Career’, he felt “most career advice available today does not address the needs of senior job seekers, ‘Building A Winning Career’ sets out a proven process that has worked for hundreds of senior executives, delivering superior results for those considering their next career move”.
The book is available in hard copy or e-book via Building A Winning Career and Amazon. For more information, click here