Directioneering gains international momentum

by Heather Parkinson

Directioneering is delighted to announce that our parent company, The Career Insight Group, has secured a strategic partnership with Career Partners International, the world’s largest high-care, high-touch career management group.

As a result of this partnership, Directioneering is now the leading career advisory team in the Australian market helping transition workers to find their dream careers anywhere in the world, as well as supporting our clients in transitioning their international workforces to new roles, both here in Australia and overseas.

With operations in 45 countries around the world, Directioneering’s partnership with Career Partners International opens the door to an international network of like-minded organisations working in areas such as career management, talent development, leadership coaching and career transition services. It means that Directioneering can now expand the opportunities and support for our candidates and clients internationally, with Career Partners International partner firms providing local expertise and advice.

A partnership with a shared vision

Career Partners International and Directioneering share the highest standards of service delivery. We are both committed to ensuring positive outcomes for the individuals and clients we work with. Directioneering will continue to focus on investing in the growth and development of our coaches, and combined with Career Partners International’s global reach, we are uniquely positioned to meet the needs of our clients in an ever-increasing international environment.

To find out more about Career Partners International, visit the website