Enhanced technology supporting our conversations

by Directioneering

Directioneering is a people-focused business. We get great results for the people we work with because we know they value the conversations with an experienced coach who tailors each service to the individual. However, we also know that the right technology can support our candidates on their career journey.

Many of the individuals we work with have a lot going on in their lives. Board positions, family responsibilities, charitable work, relationships…the list is endless and so it is important to make sure that people can access our resources at a time that suits them and can provide support between meetings with their coach.

Recently we launched an updated version of our online resource, Momentum, which provides a new level of best in class program, interactive content and access to new resources.

These new features include:


PowerMyResumeCV allows our candidates to create competitive resumes, CVs and online interactive portfolios while leveraging their social networks and tracking their performance


PowerMyJobSearch analyses and aligns resumes and CVs to job descriptions, optimising keywords for better resume performance on Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS)


PowerMyInterview provides interactive interview training using real-time video technology and professional coaching feedback

By logging into their own personal profile on Momentum, candidates can also access:

  • Individualised social media marketing plans
  • Personalised job-matching and job leads
  • Over 30 videos on every step in the job search process

A key strength of the tailored Directioneering service is the network that we help people build. We run regular events to provide opportunities for networking with peers and targets, and make sure our people are introduced to a range of recruitment and search firms. Momentum also supports peer network development and allows individuals to communicate with career experts, while staying current with the latest news and trends in the employment marketplace.

As Australia’s foremost career advisory firm, Directioneering leads the market in providing one-on-one, tailored services to our candidates, and Momentum provides additional support throughout an individual’s journey to career success.