I am a senior assurance specialist with approximately 15 years’ experience in strategic and operational roles across a range of assurance functions.

I have specific experience as a trusted advisor to executive management teams and Boards in risk management, process improvement and assurance activities in organisations across Europe and Australia.

I have led teams and partnered with business units across industries to reduce costs, enhance efficiency, achieve organisational objectives and develop solutions for clients.

I have also been responsible for re-branding business units to improve performance and enhance organisational perception. More recently, this skill has been applied to personal branding, working with clients to develop career solutions and present themselves effectively to the market.

I have a warm and understanding nature and her ability to connect with others and determine client’s strengths and drivers facilitates the development of personal and professional insights and tailored outcomes centred around individual needs.

My coaching approach also incorporates her extensive risk management experience by using labour market information, industry insights and strategic thinking to identify opportunities and manage risks.

Industry Expertise

  • Professional Services
  • Health
  • Education
  • Government


  • Graduate Diploma in Psychology
  • Bachelor of Business (Accounting and Electronic Business)
  • Lean Six Sigma
  • Member, Career Directors International