We help organisations create sustainable change through effective and practical coaching.

At Directioneering, we focus on career success and performance.

Changing behaviour is not easy. We guide and support organisations and their people to master the science of change. Our leadership coaching is evidence-based and tailored to each business and individual.

The strength and capacity of our coaching team makes the difference. Each coach brings deep, professional experience to the programs we run, and every coaching engagement is unique. All Directioneering coaches are extensively trained in best-practice methodology frameworks and practices. Throughout our process, sponsor input is critical.

Every coaching engagement is unique. What we bring to your organisation is a structured and consistent (yet flexible) process. We will work with you to help you align your business goals to your objectives, while coaching your people to understand and make changes that will lead to effective performance.

Our process is structured and consistent, yet flexible, with our coaches varying the approach depending on context.

We employ a clear beginning and end state, our goal being to coach people to understand and make changes that will lead to more effective performance.


Our methodology framework helps deliver and improve the leadership performance and effectiveness of your staff. We guide people through the process and identify key areas of focus.

It’s evidence-based and rigorous – our methodologies are considered the best current model for facilitating change.

Here is a snapshot of how our leadership coaching services can assist your organisation:

  • Transitioning people to new and ‘stretch’ roles –become effective, sooner.
  • Guiding people about to undertake or return from secondments – transition back into your new or previous environment.
  • Change management when inheriting a new supervisor or team – understand and deal with change.
  • Returning from long-service leave or expatriate assignments – re-engage and connect with the team.
  • Helping people to achieve greater leadership effectiveness – focus in on your potential.
  • Managing boundaries and stress management among staff – facilitate a plan of action.
  • Driving accountability and results – one-on-one and across the business.
  • Performance management – focus on areas of improvement.

Coaching is provided in a confidential, supportive environment.

Like more information on our leadership coaching program? Please contact us for a confidential discussion.