Advice and support for portfolio careers, board appointments and establishment of new businesses.

Portfolio careers

For many executives, exploring the possibilities of a portfolio career can be a fulfilling extension of a successful corporate career. They can be tailored to make the most of the expertise you have accumulated in your career so far, making valuable contributions through board appointments, consulting or creating your own business opportunities.

While fulfilling, portfolio careers can be challenging to establish successfully. We can help you with tailored advice to help you decide whether a portfolio career will be a good choice for you, and help you with individual strategies so you can find the direction that makes the most of your experience and abilities.

Self employment

As part of our career transition service, we also offer individual coaching and workshops to provide you with an understanding of the opportunities and challenges you will face if you decide to pursue self employment. This can include buying an existing business, investing in a franchise, becoming a consultant or starting a business from scratch. Our robust program gives you the information and tools you need to adopt a realistic and systematic approach.

Our experienced coaches will guide you through what it means to get into business for yourself such as:

  • Personal skills required to start a business
  • Why small businesses succeed and fail
  • How to work effectively from home
  • Lifestyle considerations
  • Benefits of buying or starting your own business
  • Evaluating commercial viability of your concept
  • Basic business structures
  • Funding, budgeting and cash flow models
  • Risk management, insurance and business recovery
  • Business plans
  • How to get started

For more information on portfolio careers and self employment, please contact us for a discussion.

“Attending Scott’s workshop on self-employment was really a crucial step in setting myself up as a freelance language professional. This short video is a perfect summary of his clear thinking and how he communicates it. I left full of new ideas and feeling better equipped to face challenges.”
Veronique Bergeron