As the highest quality provider of tailored executive and professional career transition services, we have the experience and expertise to coach and support you and your people through change, regardless of size or complexity.

We bring experience, professionalism and a highly personalised approach to your company’s executive  career transition requirements and organisational changes. During this difficult phase we provide everyone involved with the highest levels of support and care, dignity and respect whilst minimising risk for your business.

With Directioneering you know that you will be in safe hands. We will provide you and your managers with the support you need at every stage of the process.

We will be onsite when you need us, providing impacted employees with the support and information they need to help them adjust quickly and move forward with confidence. We will help each individual focus on their career transition, supported by technology and business services, helping them find new opportunities and directions.

How we can support your organisation through a restructure or organisational change

Planning and preparation support

A poorly planned restructure can adversely impact your organisation’s productivity, morale, brand and reputation. We have worked closely with more than 1000 Australian and New Zealand organisations, both large and small, to design, develop and implement best practice organisational change.

Our focus is to mitigate risk for your organisation, to mitigate risk for the impacted individuals and to support each individual to positively approach their future with a tailored, high quality service.

We will partner with you in planning the transition service and process including logistics, advise on the level of career transition support required, and develop contingencies for all anticipated change project outcomes so you can work through your change with confidence.

Effective communication

Effective and consistent communication is a critical part of a best practice restructure. We will work with you to develop a communications strategy which includes scripting for individual notification meetings, communications management, announcements and memos.

Best practice plenary sessions

Telling someone their position has been made redundant is a challenging and difficult task for even the most seasoned business leader. Our redundancy notification plenary sessions are based on our experience and absolute clarity around what best practice notifications  look like. We will give your team the tools and confidence they need to deliver difficult messages to the best of their ability. Our plenary sessions help mitigate the risks of potential poor handling of critical conversations.

Onsite support for notification meetings

We provide critical onsite support when someone is notified that their position has been made redundant. We do this as part of our ongoing relationship with you. We will be onsite whenever you need us, providing impacted employees with the support and information they need to help them adjust quickly to their changed circumstances and move forward with confidence. We also provide on the day support and coaching to your HR and line managers.

Reporting and insights

We keep on top of the progress of every person we support. We will keep you informed with regular insights and reporting tailored to your requirements. You can be confident in your knowledge that your departing employees have positive futures after they have left your organisation.

Rebuild and redeployment

Organisations are increasingly recognising the need to invest time and effort with their remaining team after a major structural change. Organisations turn to us to help rebuild their teams and harness their collective energies for a positive future.

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